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 Naviance Family Connection - a web-based service designed especially for students and parents.  
Family Connection is a comprehensive website that students can use to help make decisions about courses, colleges, careers and plans is now available.  It is available at the 7 High Schools in LUSD and will be introduced to all students/parents and staff over the next several months. The Counselors and Career Tech. will be directly involved in the roll out of the program during this semester, and early next school year.   Students have received information about how to use Naviance Family Connection during the Scheduling Process back in February, but as this is a new and exciting tool, there will be future tasks for the students to work on so as to become more proficient using Naviance Family Connection.


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In order to access Naviance Family Connection Program, you, the student, will use your google docs username and password to enter the site:

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