Schedule an appointment with your Counselor:
 If you would like to meet with your Counselor, please email them to schedule an appointment.


Work Permits: 
For information regarding work permits, please email Mrs. Stroud @
mcnair counseling assignments
A-Garc: Brittany Sarnillo
(209) 953-9245 Ext. 325014
Gard-Menc: Carla Palmer
(209) 953-9245 Ext. 325017
Mend-Som: Robin McCracken
(209) 953-9245 Ext. 325015
Son-Z & HOSA : Craig Nash
(209) 953-9245 Ext. 325016

counseling secretary
Mrs. Molly Stroud
(209) 953-9245 Ext. 325007


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Summer School 2023

First page of the PDF file: HighSchoolSS-StudentFlyer_2023_FINAL

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